Peugeot Partner Electric 2013

Peugeot has actually made another come in broadening the supply of its commercial program, supplying a Partner Electric, an all-electric shipment automobile. Peugeot Companion Electric incorporates all the widely known advantages that proslavije Peugeot’s sleek model. Sophisticated and attractive styling, modularity and practicality amongst the very best filling performance, are now coupleded with great performance supplied by electric motors.

The brand-new Companion Electric incorporates the attributes which have actually currently made the Partner a wonderful business excellence (currently the UK’s very popular small van) with modern and appealing styling, great modularity and functionality, with the most effective load amount in the section and now with the steering encounter of an electric drive train.

Intendeded for all company users wanting to decrease their ecological footprint and fuel expenditures, the Peugeot Partner Electric was initial provided in its clear-cut variation at the Capital Electric motor Show in January.

2013 Peugeot Partner electric

Practical features

All the modularity and filling capability attributes which have made the Partner such a fantastic success exist in the Partner Electric. The lots volume falls to 3.3 m3 on the L1 with a tons length of 1.80 m, a payload of as much as 636kg– the best in its group − and with a GVW of 2,225 kg.

\* PiVG(Plug in Van Grant) / \*\* OTR (On The Road).
With its Multi-flex bench seat, the Peugeot Partner Electric preserves the exclusive attributes of modularity which have qualified the Partner van considering that its launch:.

This devices, unique in the little van segment, could accommodate 3 people in the front. This sensible aspect is greatly valued by company individuals that can deliver associates and devices with fewer experiences.
The retracting side guest seat supplies both a flat flooring and an additional 400 litres of tons amount. This enhances the loading capability to 3.7 m3 on the L1 with a tons length of.
3 metres.
The side seat pillow folds up on the seat back to enable transportation of higher lots.
The folding seat rear of the central seat additionally offers a ‘mobile workplace’ feature with its table layout component.
Its innovative long-term magnet simultaneous 49kW electric motor and 22.5 kWh lithium ion battery pack offers the Companion Electric the capacity for around 106 miles, as tested on the Brand-new European Drive Pattern (NEDC). This, incorporated with cutting-edge eco-driving control systems, permits the driver to restrict power intake to a variety appropriate with the demands of small van clients, 70 % of which mostly make day-to-day journeys of much less compared to 60 miles. With a top speed of 68mph, it positions the Partner Electric as the benchmark in its segment.

Peugeot Partner interior 590x420

Key requirement attributes consist of:

ABS brakes consisting of EBD and EBFD.
Air conditioning and athermic (glare and temperature level reflecting) windshield.
Distant main door securing, one-touch electric glass and door mirrors.
Long lasting plastic flooring covering and left-hand sliding door.
ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and Hill Assist (hillside beginning aid).
The brand-new Companion Electric combines the attributes which have actually already made the Companion a great industrial excellence.

The Companion van is modern, trendy, with great modularity and practicality, and a course leading load volume of 3.3 m3 and payload ability of 636kg. It now benefits as an electric auto with no automobile discharges without any roadway tax obligation or excise task. Federal governments encourages utilize electric-powered vans.

Unlike several rivals, the Companion Electric is presented as an ‘complete’ proposition which includes t.he vehicle, the battery, a 3-year/60,000 mile vehicle manufacturer warranty and a 5-year/40,000 mile drive-train and battery manufacturer warranty. The length of warranty provided on the Partner Electric both demonstrates Peugeot’s confidence in this new technology and also helps maximise the vehicle’s future residual value.

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